Privacy and terms

JandelĀ“s strategy, which main commercial activity is the merchandising of door handles and fittings, is working with the best quality materials with the aim of getting the satisfaction of our most demanding customers, being aware that in such a competitive market, giving the best quality and service is a safe value for our company continuity.
Our economic success and survival depends on the full time dedication to these principles.
Quality includes all and every business aspect, since the production starts until the final destination of our product.
For it, we set up some requirements to determine and assure:
- We meet all the legal requirements applied to us.
- We take an appropriate prevention of non-conformity measures in order to avoid mistakes repetition, getting that way a better quality as well as an improvement in our results.
- Ensuring that our workers have the necessary skills in order to develop the given tasks.
- Setting a systematic review to assure the quality on every work stages.
- Assuring an optimal service so customerĀ“s needs and expectations may be satisfied.
- Constant improvement is guaranteed.

General Management extends this compromise to all employees as well as those who act on behalf of JANDEL, S.L. so this policy guidelines are met, which will be periodically updated withthe aim of being always suitable to the organization activities.

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