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Jandel with architects

In Jandel we take care in particular of architects, decorators and interior designers, providing them an exclusive and personalized offer with the aim of contributing with our touch of design and good taste in all projects they are carrying out.

We work with the best materials to achieve our most demanding client satisfaction. Thus, the vast majority of door handles, pull handles, knobs, etc. are made of brass, so we can get the best Finishes and varieties.

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Quality warranty

In Jandel we are proud of being part of the organization with a unique methodology which allows Jandel to manage its systems and risks more efficiently to protect its future results. Among other things helps Jandel to fulfill the aims and needs of its customers. Jandel is a company dedicated to the ironmongery field. Design, service and quality are essential, that is why we are proud belonging to ISO 9001:2015 family where we guarantee to our clients good quality products and services. Door handles, pull handles, knobs, accessories and cabinet pulls are part of our catalogue. Contemporary and traditional designs. Leader in Spain.

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